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Euro Vegas Madrid El Pequeño NIcolas Eurovegas

Little Nicolas and Eurovegas

We echo a report in in relation to EuroVegas, and is the “Pillage” slashing some limits ... more »

Eurovegas Madrid Wang Jianlin - eurovegas

Eurovegas reborn thanks to the China investment

Wang Jianlin, Chinese billionaire who wants to promote a new Eurovegas in Madrid. EURO VEGAS, A new breath to the Madrid economy (Spanish with ... more »

Euro Vegas Madrid madrid eurochina

SPAIN deserves better than Eurovegas

24 hours after the announcement of LVS on the cessation of negotiations to implement Eurovegas in Madrid, there are many reactions ... more »

Euro Vegas Madrid Adios Eurovegas

Goodbye Eurovegas…

No longer do we have nothing more to say, Eurovegas vanishes imminently and hundreds of thousands of unemployed, entrepreneurs, Speculators, investors,… more »

Eurovegas Madrid Imagen de Torrrente 5 obtenida de la cuenta de Twitter de Santiago Segura

Torrente and Eurovegas, reality

The grandisimo Santiago Segura and our taste and look, one of the greats of Spanish Cinema, has begun filming Torrente ... more »

Euro Vegas Madrid david-perez-alcalde-alcorcon

EURO VEGAS: David Perez and poise…

David Perez, Mayor of Alcorcón, one of the bastions of reinforcement, reason, push, consistency and support to the unemployed of the Commonwealth of ... more »

News fumar-en-casino-bingo-eurovegas

EUROVEGAS SI: If podra Smoking in Eurovegas

Eurovegas could be a reality making use of the legal regulation of smoking clubs that do not require intervention of workers in certain ... more »

Euro Vegas Madrid ignacio-gonzalez_michael_leven

The snuff stays, Eurovegas will…

Perderemos Eurovegas himself Ley antitobacco no if suaviza in los Casinos, Eurovegas hangs in the balance because of the refusal of ... more »

Casinos Fumar Eurovegas

Madrid 2020 only Eurovegas

Madrid is left alone with Eurovegas work guarantees to return the thousands of unemployed in the region. Eurovegas it is as ... more »

Casinos Trabajo Crupier Madrid Eurovegas

400 Dealers for the Casino Gran Madrid thanks to Eurovegas

Eurovegas pone warning sus direct competitors that offer 400 Plaza de croupiers by 800 € al month. Employment which aims to strengthen ... more »